Miss Suwanee Pageant    

"We Crown for a Cure"

2017 Pageant Contestant Attire Rules & Regulations

The Miss Suwanee Pageant is A Natural Pageant...With Sparkle!

We like our contestants to be themselves as much as possible so we have set some guidelines that the judges will have so that everyone has fun and feels their best on competition day!


1. The 2017 Miss Suwanee Pageant is now a JEANS & BLACK T-SHIRT pageant!

        - Jeans can be Capri style or long

        - Jeans MAY be decorated (if you like) but it is NOT mandatory and will NOT add to your overall score

        - ABSOLUTELY NO cut off jeans, shorts or skirts

        - Jeans may not have holes or tears in them and must be denim color (light or dark), no other color "jeans" may be worn

        - BLACK T-Shirts may have the official Miss Suwanee 2017 logo but no other decorations or logos may be on the                      competition shirts

        - Accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings may be worn but should not over power the outfit

        - NO additional lace, trim, beading or accents should be on (or added to) your competition shirt

        - T - Shirts may be V-neck, round collar, long or short sleeve

        - No additional coats, vests, sweaters, etc may be worn on stage or in interviews

        - Shoes can be black, neutral or silver and should be age appropriate 

        - Shoes should be neat, clean and free of scuff marks (other than on the bottoms)

        - Shoes may have sparkle, like colored accents or be plain (acrylic shoes are not permitted)

        - Make sure your heel height is age appropriate, AND YOU CAN WALK IN THEM! 

        - Boots are acceptable as long as they are black or neutral

        - Belts may be worn with the jeans and can be black or neutral

2. Contestant Makeup 

        - Girls Ages 4-9 may wear LIGHT foundation, mascara and CLEAR lip gloss

        - Girls Ages 10+ may wear makeup of their choice but remember it should be age appropriate AND be properly applied

        - There is NO additional space for makeup bags, hair products or accessories so try to come prepared to hit the stage.                There will be limited space for MINOR touch-ups but not "camping out" space 


1. Everyone will be judged on: First Impression, Personality and Overall Appearance

2. Additional judging components for individual entry categories will be:

     - Ages 4-7 will be asked to say their name & age

     - Ages 8-15 will be asked the same PLUS: what school they attend, grade they are in.  the MC will then ask their favorite thing to do/ place to go in Suwanee.

     - Ages 16+ will introduce themselves by name, contestant number and age then have 15-20 seconds to tell the audience/ judges a bit about themselves (this will be timed by the MC's).  In ADDITION they will have a 5 minute interview with the judges in a 1:1 setting on pageant day PRIOR to the beginning of the stage show

3. Survivor Category contestants will be asked one onstage question in addition to them introducing themselves with their name, contestant number and age.  The onstage question will be "What is the most amazing thing you've done in your life so far?"

4. Judging will be on a FULL number scale:

    - First Impression  (1-10 points)

    - Personality         (1-10 points)

    - Overall Appearance  (1-10 points)

    - Speaking Ability   (1-10 points)

    - Stage Presence     (1-10 points)

5. In the event of a tie the judges will be given the two names and asked to rank in order of 1st  or 2nd to break the tie

If you have questions about the attire, judging criteria or other questions about the 2017 Miss Suwanee Pageant please contact the 2017 MSP Director by clicking the link here.