Miss & Mr. 
Suwanee Pageant    

"We Crown for a Cure"

2019 Miss Suwanee Pageant Rules & Information

Rules and Regulations

1. Judging decisions and scores are final! 

2. Talking with any the Judges while they are judging is strictly prohibited. If any family, friends of contestant or the contestants themselves are caught violating this, the contestant will be disqualified.

2. Good sportsmanship is required at all times. Failure to show good sportsmanship (including parents and guests) will result in disqualifications of the contestant concerning without refund and forfeiture of any and all awards received. This includes after the pageant.

  3. All registrations/entry fees are non-refundable. 

  4. All paperwork and entry Fees are subject to a deadline and due dates. Any contestant who fails to meet the proper deadlines and/or due dates will be ineligible to compete.

  5. The 2019 Miss Suwanee director(s) reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone that we feel may be a security risk. This is inclusive of all MSP pageant events.

  6. The 2019 Miss Suwanee director(s) and the host building are not responsible for loss or injury incurred at (or in travel to and from) the pageant. We are also not responsible for any thefts that may occur.

  7. The Miss & Mr. Suwanee Pageant requires high moral standards: therefore any contestant or winner caught engaged in such acts as drinking/drugs smoking, inappropriate social media photos, videos, discussions etc. will be immediately disqualified (or asked to resign his or her title) at the discretion of the director(s) and will forfeit any prizes received/owed.  Any winner who is asked to resign their title must return the Miss (Mr.) Suwanee crown and banner in acceptable condition or they will be financially responsible for replacing the items.

  8. Photogenic competition is strictly optional and will be judged by a select panel of judges.  Scores will not be shared with other judges or have any influence or bearing on other categories contestant is being judged in.

  9. All participants give The Miss & Mr. Suwanee Pageant Director(s) and NGHS permission to use any photos, images or video of them taken at rehearsals, pre-pageant events, post-pageant events and day of pageant in Miss & Mr. Suwanee Pageant marketing, advertising, promotion, sponsor event, title holder event or any form of social media outlets.

  10. Judges score sheets will not be given (day of event) to any contestant, parent, or guest. Scores will be available UPON EMAIL REQUEST TO : [email protected] within 2 weeks of the completion of the pageant date.

  11. I certify that I understand all of the Miss & Mr. Suwanee rules and regulations and will conduct good sportsmanship before, during and after the pageant.

  12. NO CHECKS will be accepted for any ENTRY FEES.  All fees will be paid through PayPal invoice or through PayPal portals buttons on the www.MissSuwaneePageant.com site.

  13. CHECKS MAY BE submitted for fundraising donations (gathered by the contestants) and need to be made out to: NGHS – Relay for Life and turned into Pageant Director(s): Denise Rumbaugh or Ronda Petrin (or appointed staff) at the mandatory Miss & Mr. Suwanee Pageant rehearsal dates Feb /March 2019. 

  14. Donations gathered after rehearsal date must be submitted to through the NGHS Relay Team Portal you have signed up under YOUR NAME to be counted toward overall high point RELAY ROYALTY winner selections!

* PLEASE NOTE that the pageant cannot be responsible for the proper delivery of mail services by due dates, if you feel it may not make it in time please contact the pageant director to discuss options to ensure proper delivery by deadline dates

15. I understand that the 2019 pageant is a jeans and BLACK t-shirt (for contestants) and jeans and PURPLE T-shirt (For Ambassador candidates) pageant and that I have read (and understand) the attire changes/ requirements. Any contestant not in compliance with the 2018 Miss Suwanee Pageant attire guidelines will either be asked to change their attire or (if unable to do so) will not be eligible to compete onstage.

16. The overall HIGH-POINT or 2019 Relay Royalty winner may only have ONE crowned title. If that person also scored highest in their age division category then the next highest scoring person in the age division will be declared the single entry category age group winner.  

Relay Royalty winner must be entered in a single division entry category or as a 2019 ambassador to be eligible for the overall high-point title.

ENTRY FEES, Donations, etc. (once paid or submitted) are 


ALL WINNERS MUST REMAIN AT THE THEATER FOR PHOTOS AFTER THE PAGEANT IS OVER and will be able to come to the MANDATORY New Titleholder Orientation Meeting - TBD