Miss & Mr. 
Suwanee Pageant    

"We Crown for a Cure"

The Miss Suwanee Pageant Motto: 
"We Crown for a Purpose"

Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As of December 2018, The Miss & Mr. Suwanee Pageant 

has raised over $90,000 for Relay For Life 

and our title holders have logged over 

15,250 volunteer and community service hours! 

The Miss Suwanee Pageant has a rich history of community, fundraising, service and family fun.  We believe in serving our community and giving back which is why our representatives are so passionate about representing as a Miss (or Mr) Suwanee title holder.

Each year individuals from all over ages 6 - 50+, show they have the heart and dedication to make the Miss Suwanee Pageant a fun and exciting way to raise awareness and most importantly funds to continue to find a cure for cancer. 

Together with our partners at North Gwinnett High School, we bring the community together, raise money and have a lot of fun all in the name of Relay For Life!

Our Partnership with North Gwinnett High School

We are so proud of our continuing partnership with North Gwinnett High School for Relay For Life.  Since 2010 NGHS has been the major sponsor for  the Miss Suwanee Pageant and the partnership continues to grow.  Because of the support from NGHS the Miss Suwanee Pageant has the ability to bring the community together in a fun and rewarding way to raise money for Relay For Life.  

The Miss Suwanee Pageant is a part of the great work NGHS continues to do on behalf of Relay for Life and the recognition speaks for itself:





2018 MSP Titleholder

2018 MSP PVSA Award Choices
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